Hi again!

I used to be a live journaler years ago, probably 15 years ago. Gosh, that sounds like a long time ago when I think about it.

I used to make my LiveJournal fancy with all kinds of premade HTML codes that I found online and took pictures of random things at my university.

Thanks to my friend Montsi and the blog at work I am starting to feel inspired to get back out into the world of blogging and share a little piece of myself. Or maybe just for me to look back and remember the past.

Right now I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I feel so big. I actually haven’t felt so pregnant until now and my hips are reminding me.

I do find that walking more regularly and longer is helping this pain.

Google said that 80% of pregnant women suffer from back pain at some point, so I suppose it is natural…

Until next time..

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